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Keeping Chickens: What You Need To Know

Raising chickens in the city and suburbs has become popular. Chicken raising is fun and the eggs are a huge bonus! When you raise your own chickens, you get a regular supply of eggs for food, a constant source of one of the most effective organic fertilizers around, and pets as well. Chickens are also very potent when it comes to getting rid of pests in the garden - just be careful about letting them dig up tender seedlings or delicate plants.

While chicken raising is very rewarding, you will want to consider several things before you begin.

Check The Laws First. Call and ask about city laws that involve chicken raising. Doing research on the internet can also help. While many cities are seeing changes in their laws regarding keeping poultry, it is important to know what you are dealing with. There might be limits on how many birds you can keep, or how many square feet your hen house can occupy. You should also take into account the designated locations where you are allowed to raise poultry. Some citis limit how close chickens can be to a dwelling or a property line, for instance. There may also be a ban on roosters!

Ask Your Neighbors. Chickens can be surprisingly noisy, especially when they think they have spotted a predator. Even if you don't have any roosters, you will likely hear your chickens making some noise. If your neighbors approve of you keeping chickens, they may ask for some conditions. If they do agree, be sure to offer them some fresh eggs from time to time.

Choose The Breed Of Your Flock Wisely. Hens don't require roosters for them to lay eggs. So, you don't need a rooster. Which is just as well as they can be noisy and aggressive. Do a little research before selecting a breed. Some breeds of chickens are much better layers and will lay an egg almost every day. Some lay less often, but produce gorgeous colored eggs from pink to blue to green! Larger birds will eat more, and some small birds are champion layers. "Bantam" (small) chickens are popular for their docile nature and gorgeous plumage. Their small size also makes them easier to handle. You also have to consider the size of a chicken's comb and wattle since these extra appendages are prone to frostbites during winter, which can cause health complications if not treated properly.

Set Up A Coop To House Your Pets. A strong and high fence should be built around the vicinity to prevent potential predators from harassing your flock. The hen house should be warm and bright, have enough ventilation and plenty of draft protection. Placing a dirt pen is also essential for the chickens for their dust baths to keep parasites down. A roost is also required since hens love to sleep off the ground, and nesting boxes off the ground for them to lay their eggs in. A water dispenser and a food container must be set up so they could feed and have plenty of clean, fresh water.

Feeding trays and water containers are inexpensive and can be found in any feed store. Once your hens are settled in their homes, you have to feed them regularly and keep their surroundings clean.


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Keeping Chickens: What You Need To Know Chicken Raising resources image
Keeping Chickens: What You Need To Know Chicken Raising image

Keeping Chickens: What You Need To Know Chicken Raising resources image
Keeping Chickens: What You Need To Know Chicken Raising image

Keeping Chickens: What You Need To Know image